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How Do I Know if My Cat or Dog Is Overweight?

It’s easy to determine if your dog is overweight or your cat is obese. Follow these three steps to do a body score check at home.  

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Summer Treats You Can Make for Your Pet

Like humans, animals also struggle to deal with the scorching heat of summers. But while we indulge in scoopfuls of refreshing ice-creams to send away the heat, our pets continue to bear the brunt of it. So what can you do to make sure your pet also gets to enjoy some chilled summer treat? And no, you cannot feed your sidekick your ice cream because it’s full of sugar, which can be harmful to animals.

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What Happens When We Bring Our Dogs to Work?

Dogs make for extremely loyal and loving pets, which is why it is not surprising that nearly 68% of all US households have them. A trend we’ve seen in recent years is of pet-friendly workplaces becoming increasingly common, with plenty of big names such as Google and Amazon being one of them. Some companies have gone as far as to have their own dedicated pet play areas, pet grooming services, and even offsite pet sitters. If you are planning on bringing your dogs to work, here’s what to expect.

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