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A Beginner's Guide to Cats – Meow Indeed!

Let’s be real for a moment, cats, no matter what species, are some of the most animated and weird little creatures out there. They show you affection by bringing you dead rodents and birds and by making a guttural sound that is very similar to a running motor. But when you show them affection, they gracefully scatter away.

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12 Reasons that Cats Make Amazing Pets

b2ap3 large 12 Reasons that Cats Make Amazing Pets

Are you considering getting a cat, but aren’t yet sure if it’s the right pet for you? You’re not alone.  A lot of people are reluctant to get a cat thinking a feline friend is high-maintenance.  Or, maybe you’re more inclined towards dogs? 

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How to Recognize the Signs of Stress in Your Pet

Pets can be a great stress reliever for us humans as we juggle through the chores and tasks of our mundane lives. Imagine having a long, tough day at work, but coming home to your furry little friend desperately waiting for you right next to the door. As soon as you turn the lock with the keys, you hear them bark excitedly, and all your stress melts away.

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