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A few treats for the dog days of living brought to you by Cliiffdale Animal Hospital Fayetteville NC.

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What To Do When Your Pets Beg For Thanksgiving Treats

With Thanksgiving just a couple weeks away and your family gathering plans being solidified, you know menu planning is the next big step. And you also know that as soon as you start cooking, Felix and Fido will be gazing at you with those big, adoring, begging eyes.

Just one bite, one morsel, one little lick of whatever that smell coming from the stove is!

And you know you’ll cave. Felix will meow his way into a bite of turkey. Fido will make that face—you know the one!—until you can’t stand it and give him some stuffing. But some Thanksgiving treats may not be good for your furry friends. So it’s best to know ahead of time which Thanksgiving treats are pet safe and which are not.

Here’s a list of 10 classic Thanksgiving foods and how they treat Felix and Fido so your pets can enjoy their holiday treats without you worrying over their wellbeing.

Turkey--Just a taste of lean meat should be fine for both Felix and Fido, but no high fat skin or meat. Not only can that upset their stomachs, it can cause a more severe problem called pancreatitis (which can be life threatening). So if you’re going to sneak some turkey to the cat or dog, make sure it’s just a little meat. And certainly NO BONES!!

Stuffing—Depending on the ingredients your family recipe calls for, stuffing may actually be toxic to your pets. Better to err on the side of caution and just not give stuffing to your pets.

Cranberry Sauce—Cranberries themselves are fine. But cranberry sauce is too high in sugar, and if it contains grapes or xylitol it can be downright deadly!! Verify your cranberry sauce’s ingredients before deciding whether or not to share it with Felix and Fido.

Gravy—This one is a no-go. Gravy is really too rich for your pets, and can include toxic ingredients like onions. Onions can cause a severe anemia (loss of red blood cells).

Mashed Potatoes—Potatoes by themselves are fine, but if your mashed potatoes include onions, garlic, or lots of dairy, don’t give them to your pets. Too much dairy (milk, butter, sour cream, etc.) can cause stomach upset and diarrhea (or even the life threatening pancreatitis mentioned above), while onions and garlic are toxic, even in small amounts.

(Crescent) Rolls—Cooked is fine, but no uncooked dough. Dough rises when it heats, and if it rises/expends in your pet’s belly, it can cause them serious discomfort.

Green Bean Casserole—Cats and dogs cannot eat onions, a common ingredient in green bean casserole, however they can eat just plain green beans, so if you really want to share some green beans with your pets, save some pre-casserole beans during prep to let them munch on.

Glazed Carrots—Raw carrots are great treats for your pets and make excellent dental treats, however glazed carrots may have too much sugar for your pets.

Candied Yams—Plain sweet potatoes are extremely healthy for your pets, however candied yams contain too much sugar and spices, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting in pets. Give them any extra spice-free sweet potato that didn’t fit in the cooking dish.

Pumpkin Pie—Pumpkin is great for pets, especially their digestion, but pumpkin pie isn’t good for pets. Again to much suger, fat and dairy.
Mix some of the plain pumpkin into their pet food instead. Most dogs really like plain pumpkin!!

If you have any questions about whether your family’s recipes can be pet safe Thanksgiving treats, call Cliffdale Animal Hospital at (910) 487-5013, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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