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How to Protect Your Pets During Summer Fireworks

Fireworks are an enjoyable and mesmerizing way to enjoy summer holidays such as Independence Day. But while we humans delight in fireworks, our pets may not.

Both dogs and cats have far better hearing than humans; dogs can hear sounds up to a quarter of a mile away. Imagine, then, what fireworks must feel like for your animals, to whom the sounds are much louder and more intense.

According to some reports, July 5 is one of the busiest days for animal shelters because normally calm pets run away from the booms and crackles of fireworks. Dogs escape from yards, and outdoor cats who usually come home when called may disappear. In the Fayetteville area of North Carolina, fireworks occur not just for July 4, but for fairs and other events such as baseball games and military celebrations.

Here are five ways to keep your pet safe during fireworks this summer.

  1. If your pet does not already have a tracking device, implant a microchip or set up another tracking system now. Our veterinary team can implant a HomeAgain microchip for your pet during a short visit.
  2. Keep your pets inside. Even if your animals normally spend time outside, move them indoors around mid-day (except for necessary breaks). If you can, stay inside with them. Keeping them indoors will prevent an unwanted escape.
  3. Make them feel safe. If your pet has a favorite cushion, a crate, or another safe space, make sure he or she can access it. When fireworks begin, toss your furry friend a treat once in awhile. Some pets respond well to thunder shirts.
  4. Keep the noise out. Turn on music and close the windows to minimize the sound of fireworks.
  5. Act calm. Your pet picks up on cues from you. Speak to him or her in a soothing voice and act as though everything is normal. Go about your regular activities. Your pet will take the hint and will feel more confident despite the loud noises.

If Your Pet Disappears

Sometimes it’s not possible to keep your pet indoors during fireworks. If your pet goes missing, contact your local animal shelters to alert them. According to Pet Amber Alert, 30 to 60 percent of pets are euthanized at shelters because their owners cannot be found. Inform your neighbors your pet is missing. If your pet has a microchip, contact us to let us know to be on the lookout.

We hope you and your pets have a lovely summer season!

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