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Food Safety for Pets During Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Christmas can be stressful times for you and your pets.  Here are several things that may keep these holidays under control, as well as lists for safe and unsafe foods for your pets.  Set rules for your pets and guests.  Don't allow your pets to jump up on guests and make sure your guests know what and when your pet can have treats.  Find the time to exercise your dog.  This will help calm its anxiety and rambunctious behavior with guests.  Avoid feeding your pets human foods that are salty, sweet or fatty to avoid a trip to Animal Urgent Care because of vomiting, diarrhea or the ingestion of bones.


 Human foods that are NOT safe for pets especially in large amounts

alcohol       apple seeds         avacodos

bread dough (raw yeast)

caffeine      CHOCOLATE   coffee     cooked or raw bones            corn cobbs

fat trimmings                       fish (raw or with bones)


liver (raw)    milk/ice cream  moldy foods

nutmeg         nuts (macadameia nuts, walnuts)


fruit pits(peach, plums, cherries, etc)

potato leaves, stems and green skins

RAISINS       raw eggs          rhubarb leaves


tobacco(nicotine products)    tomato plants/leaves/stems

Xylitol(found in sugar free products)


Safe Human Food for Pets

apples (no seeds)      applesauce       apricots (no pits)

baby food (all natural)                      berries (fresh or frozen)

boullion                    bran cereal       bread, cooked, no raisins or nuts

broccoli                    carrots (don't swallow whole)

cashews                    cauliflower      celery

cheerios                    cheese (American, cheddar) 

Cheese Wiz              chicken (cooked, no bones, fat, skin)

chicken broth            cooked eggs    cottage cheese

cream cheese croutons (plain)          ginger 

green beans (canned, no salt)           honey

melons mint (helps with bad breath)  nectarines (no pits)

oatmeal                   orange slices (no rind)       

organ meats (giblets, heart, etc)       parsley

pasta noodles (cooked)                    peaches (no pit)

peanut butter (no Xylitol)               peas

pineapple (frozen or fresh)             popcorn (no salt, kernels, or toppings)

potatoes (cooked, no butter, etc)    pumpkin (canned) rice (cooked)

rice cakes                 squash            sweet potatoes (cooked)

tomatoes (no greens or stems)       tuna (canned)

yogurt (plain, lowfat, unflavored, unsweetened)


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