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The Barking Blog

A few treats for the dog days of living brought to you by Cliiffdale Animal Hospital Fayetteville NC.

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Developing a Crisis Plan for Your Pet

Woman sitting on park bench with a dog on the street

Natural disasters can endanger all living beings in an area. A pet is like a family member who you need to protect in case of an emergency situation.

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Petsitters vs. Kennels: Which Is Best for Your Pet?

Photo by Albert Siong on Unsplash

Going on a trip out of town can be hard for a pet-parent if they can't take their beloved sidekick with them. And sadly, that happens more often than not, prompting pet parents to look for resources that would look after their little companion while they are gone. Naturally, the first option most people think of is hiring a sitter who'd care for their animal-child at home.

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How to Teach Children to Interact with Animals

A little girl playing with dog

There probably isn’t a more adorable sight than a furry little puppy and a cute little kid playing together. It’s an absolute pleasure to see your child having fun with the fuzzy pet companion, isn’t it?

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Vaccines are important for the health of your cat

Vaccinating your cat

Vaccinations play an important role in the prevention of serious diseases in your cat. Not every cat needs every vaccine available. At Cliffdale Animal Hospital we recommend vaccines according to the life style of your cat.

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Summer Treats You Can Make for Your Pet

Veterinary clinic

Like humans, animals also struggle to deal with the scorching heat of summers. But while we indulge in scoopfuls of refreshing ice-creams to send away the heat, our pets continue to bear the brunt of it. So what can you do to make sure your pet also gets to enjoy some chilled summer treat? And no, you cannot feed your sidekick your ice cream because it’s full of sugar, which can be harmful to animals.

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