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Happy National Kids and Pets Day—April 26th

National Kids and Pets Day on green grass
National Kids and Pets Day - Girl with her dog

Are you looking for a fun and meaningful way to celebrate Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month? Look no further than National Kids and Pets Day, celebrated each year on April 26th! This special day not only raises awareness about the importance of choosing the right pet for your children, but also celebrates the incredible bond between kids and their furry companions. 

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What a Pet's Teeth Cleaning Looks Like

Cliffdale Pet tooth cleaning dog
Cliffdale Pet Tooth cleaning cat

If you are planning to bring your pet in for teeth cleaning, you may have a few questions about what to expect. While it is natural to be a bit anxious about the process, knowing what will take place during your pet's teeth cleaning procedure can help put your mind at ease. 

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Safe Christmas Gifts for Your Pets

Cliffdale Safe Christmas gifts for your pets

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas carols are being sung, trees are being decorated, and visions of sugar plums are dancing in people's heads. But for some, it is also the most worrisome time of year — namely, pet owners who have to worry about what to get their four-legged friends this holiday season. You don't want to get your beloved pets the same old toys they play with every day, but it is getting harder and harder to come up with something fun that they haven't already gotten this year.

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How Your Pet Ages

Pets Aging
American Kennel Club (AKC) that can help you determine your dog's age in human years based on their size:

Have you ever wondered how long your dog has been alive in human years? It is hard to know because dog years and human years are quite different. Here are some tips on calculating dog years to human years so you can figure out just how old your furry friend is in relation to you.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Pet Owners 

Halloween Safety Tips

1. Lock Candy Away Kids love to stash candy in their rooms, but a dog’s keen sense of smell will lead him to even the most cleverly hidden treasure. Contact a veterinary professional right away if your pet does get into Halloween candy, especially if it contains chocolate or is sugar-free and contains xylitol. 
2. Ditto the Glow Sticks Glow sticks are used to help keep kids safe while they are out in the dark. Pets (especially cats) find these glow sticks to be a lot of fun and often puncture them. While most of the sticks are labeled as non-toxic, they do have an extremely bitter taste and pets who bite into them may begin drooling and racing around the house. A little treat or sip of milk will usually stop the taste reaction. 
3. Have Pets Identified and Visible There are a lot of extra people on the streets at Halloween, and that combined with strange costumes can spook pets and cause them to bolt. If you take your pet out after dark, make sure he or she wears a reflective collar and is securely leashed. And make sure your pet has proper identification on the collar. 
4. Keep Pets Calm Even pets who are kept indoors may experience intense anxiety over the large number of strangely dressed visitors. Keeping your pet away from trick-or-treaters may do the trick, but if you think more will be needed be sure and speak with your vet well in advance about options to help calm your pet. 5. Check Those Costumes Costumes can be fun for the whole family. However, if you are planning on dressing up your best bud, ensure that the costume fits well and isn’t going to slip and tangle the pet or cause a choking hazard if chewed on. And never leave a costumed pet unattended. 
Provided by the ASPCA 
Animal Poison Control Center 
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