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Routine shampoos, hair cuts, and nail trims will do wonders for your pet. Pet grooming is intended to not only keep cats and dogs looking nice, but also to protect the health of their teeth, ears, skin, and coat. If you notice your cat is coughing up an unusual amount of hairballs or a whiff of your dog's breath is strong enough to knock you out, it's time to take a trip to the groomer. At Cliffdale Animal Hospital, a grooming session can include a full brush-out, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, shampooing and conditioning, hand blowdying, deshedding treatment, flea removal, fur trimming, and more. Learn more below then give us a call to schedule your pet grooming appointment.

Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Fayetteville, NC

Pet grooming is available Monday-Friday at Cliffdale Animal Hospital in Fayetteville, NC. Our grooming takes care of all breeds of dogs and cats. We also offer a variety of packages for those slick coated dogs that may not need as much maintenance but a good deshedding treatment.

Bathing your pet before you bring it in can help get rid of tangles that make the fur trimming process more difficult. Our experienced pet grooming staff will give your pet individual time and attention to ensure that your pet relaxes and enjoys their grooming experience as much as possible. For those pets that don't like grooming, such as cats, our veterinarians can provide the necessary sedation.

Pet grooming is about more than making your pet look their best; it also helps maintain their health, shedding, and cleanliness. Our primary groomer Tracey is experienced and able to provide what your pet needs! We are the clinic to call for quality pet grooming in the Fayetteville, NC area.


We offer boarding for both cats and dogs with a separate cat facility complete with kitty condos in our clean facility. If your pet needs vaccines, daily medications, grooming etc. we can take care of that while they are in our care. Dogs are allowed to go outside several times daily for exercise and for potty breaks.