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Veterinary Clinic Fayetteville, NC

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Monday - 8am to 5:30pm
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Friday - 8am to 5:30pm
1st & 3rd Saturday - 9am to noon


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After-Hours Emergency Call

Points East Veterinary Emergency Hospital
1731 Convoy Lane, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Phone number (910) 864-2844

Open 24 hours a day on Fridays, Weekends, Monday, and Holidays
Open from 6 PM-8 AM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Veterinary Care Clinic Serving Fayetteville, NC

When you walk through our veterinary clinic's doors, you’ll know immediately that our goal is to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff guide you through your visit and help answer any questions you may have to make sure you obtain the veterinary care that is best for your pet’s health. Our pet grooming services will help your pets look as good as our vet staff makes them feel. Cliffdale Animal Hospital has served the Fayetteville community and surrounding areas since 1990.

When choosing a new veterinary care clinic for your pet there are certain things you want to look for. These help to ensure the clinic is a good fit for you and your pet's needs, as well as to evaluate the vet's overall quality level. The first tip may seem obvious, but make sure the veterinarian and technicians are properly licensed. The North Carolina state board of veterinary medicine can provide more information about who holds these licenses. They should have a fair amount of experience with treating the type of animal you have as well, especially if you know your pet has a condition or special need that demands a specific level of care. Another fairly basic requirement should be a clean facility. It can be dangerous to administer veterinary care in a dirty office where the risk of infection is higher. A general sense of uncleanliness will cause discomfort and leave a bad taste in your mouth and make the vet somewhere that neither you nor your pet really wants to visit. Asking the staff at a new veterinary clinic about their ideas on medicine and treatment can be very useful as well. Discuss your thoughts about wellness and preventive care to see if they align with the clinic's approach. Lastly, consider the location and cost of the veterinary care clinic. In the event of an emergency, you will not want the driving distance or price of the services your pet needs to be prohibitive.

Dr. Angela Valenti and Dr. Jennifer Gonzalez offer the most in current preventative veterinary care along with quality medical, dental, and surgical services. Our patients also have access to our clean and comfortable boarding and grooming facility where each pet is known by name. We have separate areas for both dogs and cats, so you can rest assured knowing your animal is taken care of to the fullest extent. 

If you are new to the area or just looking for a new veterinary clinic for your loved one please call or come by our location to schedule an appointment. We are located at 6416 Brookstone Lane off of Cliffdale Road between the library and the Taco Bell.

Pet Grooming & Other Pet Care Services

Animal Hospital Fayetteville, NC

Cliffdale Animal Hospital is dedicated to full-service pet care in Fayetteville, NC. Even if your pet's health is fine, we still have something to offer you. Several members of our staff are talented and experienced pet groomers. We can help your cat or dog look as good as our vets make them feel. Bring your pets to our veterinary care clinic for professional pet grooming, or other pet care services, including boarding. Contact our animal hospital and veterinary clinic today to schedule an appointment!